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Melvin Pierce

The idea that would eventually materialize as the Dothan Eliminator was conceived as a solution to eliminating the waste products that were produced during petroleum drilling, especially that of drill cuttings.

Inventor Melvin Pierce founded Dothan Corporation in 1995 to develop and eventually manufacture a product capable of providing such a solution.

The investment of millions of dollars and many years finally resulted in the development of a technology that was successfully incorporated into a final version of a fluid collider aptly named the “Eliminator.”

Since the key to the Eliminator is the technology, the production models of the Eliminator are not too different from the initial prototype or its subsequent iterations.

Today, Dothan Eliminators are being used around the globe in a variety of pulverizing applications.

Not only have Dothan Eliminators proven to be highly efficient and cost-effective in processing drill cuttings and other oilfield waste, the machines have been employed in alternative energy applications such as crushing corn and biomass for the production of ethanol and other biofuels. They have also been used in the food processing and animal feed production industries.

The application of Eliminator technology in the general field of particle reduction opens virtually unlimited opportunities in a vast array of yet untapped industries.

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